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The future of the environment is in our hands. That is why LONKO I.G is committed to improving the management of waste and natural resources through high technological proven procedures that help reduce the high levels of pollution. In its programs of WTE (Waste to Energy), Solar and conventional LED, photovoltaic energy and power distribution, LONKO International Group seeks to provide sustainable solutions with zero emissions and clean, healthy social environments, promoting a quality of life accentuated in respect and harmony with the environment.  

"Building the future" ..... for the new generations. 


Analysis of the need

  • Study of the needs
  • New methods
  • New technology
  • Determine the best solution

Engineering best solutions

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Pre-developing

Business plan & Funding 

  • Complete financial analysis
  • Setting up a business plan
  • Obtaining the funds

Development & Management

  • Developing the project​
  • Management of the project